The Pupil and the Portal

The Pupil and the Portal is the third book in the Amaranth series.

Book Cover for The Pupil and the Portal Back Cover Blurb
You’d think that any sane supernatural being would want to reward a succubus who punishes corrupt politicians. Inflicting retribution on bad people is one of the things demons do best. However, the bunch of officious twits who constitute the Council of the Portal have a different perspective on things and they’re not happy with me.

Being arrested so that I’m forced to listen to a group of pompous bureaucrats pontificate would put me in a bad mood at the best of times, but when it interferes with me introducing a cambion to her powers and ensuring she doesn’t fall into the clutches of demon hunters (also known as the tinfoil hat brigade) then the Council is risking serious consequences and it’s going to be up to me to avert them.

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