Amaranth is the first book in the Amaranth series and introduces the eponymous succubus.

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Some fruitcake is running around pouring molten gold down the throats of barristers, I’m certain that friendless young women are being trapped in modern day slavery and my PhD student is being ditsy. To cap it all, my wings are dirty. If you thought the life of a succubus in Twenty-First Century London was just one continuous orgy, you’d be wrong.

About Amaranth
After thousands of years of preying indiscriminately on humans, Amaranth Gardener has tempered her desires to feed only on those people she believes deserve to die. Having witnessed more than seven millennia of corruption, oppression and cruelty among humans, she has transformed herself into a guardian demon. However, that does not mean she can't enjoy what she does, or have some non-lethal carnal fun along the way. Still, Amaranth is not a succubus to kiss and tell in visceral detail, so if you're hoping for graphic and steamy sex scenes, she will not be indulging you.

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